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If it bleeds, We got it!


Welcome to SoldatHQ
Home to
SLAP (Soldat Lobby Avec Players)
and MAD (Map Automation Daemon)

There is still alot of things to be added
So stay Tuned...

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Database Stats:

Maps: 7507
Sceneries: 7828
Textures: 629
Total D/L: 52421
Total Transferred: 13.40



File List:

kz_Volcano climb4078825.61 kB
ctf_Chernobyl163583171.05 MB
ctf_Jumptut8020930.15 kB
ctf_Pantheon25198190127.52 kB
kz_Climbtut20017459.95 kB
ctf_B2bpretty58252170433.67 kB
inf_Invasion5253166109.61 kB
ctf_Learntheflip140165149.82 kB
zm_Zombie712416015.79 kB
ctf_Supermario12015539.13 kB
tw_Coldmorning583331281.38 MB
ctf_Pyrenees265477128497.86 kB
Xomborgunity482115222.89 kB
!arenaclimbbattl1422411431.80 kB
ctf_Segment44158112332.23 kB